‘Vartak Nagar - A Story of Four Crows’ is based on a serious subject, the Great Bombay Textile Mill Strike that shook Mumbai in 1982. Bombay mill strike and the gangster era of the 1980’s as the backdrop for the central narrative and interweaves a plot of friendship, betrayal and redemption between four lower class school going friends

The film which has a balance of humour and action is a family entertainer but at the same time it portrays sensitive issues like loss of childhood and the plight of children growing up during strike stricken days.

According to Kunal, “’Vartak Nagar’ is a rare script in the sense that it is very commercial yet has a distinct film festival flavour. The film has immense box office potential in India and is yet very international in context and story. ‘Lagaan’ is probably the last Indian film which made big inroads into the international market. ‘Vartak Nagar’ will be a great follow up to that success story”

As per Atul, Jimmy Shergill who plays the character of a powerful underworld don and Raghu who plays a union leader has done a wonderful job. Set in the ‘80s and shot around the Central suburbs of Mumbai, with the abandoned mills of South Mumbai being used to represent the death of an era, brings back the real action and fist fights to Bollywood.

I always wanted to produce films of International Standard, but was waiting for the right script. I was more than convinced about the concept which is set during the great Bombay mill strike and the gangster era of the eighties. I am highly confident about the content and vision of Atul and am sure the film has a big box office potential.”