AJOOBA is a 2D Classical Animation Feature Film in Hindi. It is a children’s film full of adventure, fun, thrills, action and a lot of feel-good factor.

The story revolves around a group of kids including a brave boy Aditya who gets to have a super power that makes him a wonder boy and is thus he is named as Ajooba. As a wonder boy who protects and fights the occurrence of misdeeds, he becomes the hero of the masses but in the process evils of the society especially the ones who wish to acquire the super power possessed by him, become his bitter enemy. War between good and evil emerges, but at the end Aditya alias Ajooba comes up victorious and remains a messiah who is ever ready to deliver as per the need of the hour.

Ajooba is directed by Amit Agarwal, who has a vast experience as a professional editor and technical director. Making his directorial debut with ‘Ajooba’ Amit is working day-in-day-out leaving no stone unturned to make the film reach its qualitative best.

Amit is highly confident about the concept and potential of ‘Ajooba’. He promises a clean entertainment and firmly believes that Ajooba would appeal to both kids and adults alike.

According to Amit noted music composer Ravindra Jain who has done the film’s music, has composed very catchy tunes as per the demand and trend of present day kids. In fact the tunes are so catchy that it will be loved by adults as well, believes Amit.

Adarsh Telemedia Pvt. Ltd. is planning a whole lot of add-ons with the IP ‘Ajooba’ like events, games, toys, clubs and the like based on the ‘Ajooba’ theme. Also on the anvil is a television series on the adventures of ‘Ajooba’ post the film release.

Work on the making of next super hero from India is in full swing…